Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fixing MySQL Problem - Unable to connect via socket

A common problem I saw with MySQL, after a system update (10.4.4) or on later systems (Leopard on PPC computers) there are problems connecting via the MySQL Socket, it says the socket file not found.

Apparently is it because the socket file got moved during the update []. To repair this problem, open the Terminal and enter the following commands:
$ sudo mkdir /var/mysql

$ sudo ln -s /tmp/mysql.sock /var/mysql/mysql.sock
The first line is creating a folder called "mysql" inside the "var" folder at the root level, the second line is making a link called "mysql.sock" to the actual "mysql.sock" file (at the changed location) inside the invisible "tmp" folder.

Do this and you should be fine again.

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  • Monday, July 7, 2008

    The first shot!

    Java, .Net, C#...

    We have been hearing this everyday... I come from a different time... a time when alphabets were easy... when we were at A-B-C, with a few increments...

    Well this is not place for philosophy... if you are interested in philosophy and my take on what is all around this is clearly not the place for you... instead try out

    I think you must have gotten the clue... I am a C Programmer period!

    But one thing that C has taught us is to adapt... adapt to the changing environment around us... and at times create an environment ourself...

    As they say - enough said... lets get down to coding... lets get it all started!!! Oh and before I forget, all that I write here would be mainly centered around the Macintosh - both pre OS X era and the OS X era...

    In the next few days, I hope to put indepth information about Ruby on Rails, PHP and the trusty MySQL... which I believe to be the are back-bone of today's and tomorrow's web - be sure to check it out...